Cleaning & Alteration

As the top Dry Cleaners in the Santa Clarita Valley we offer a vast array of cleaning and alteration services

Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Laundry, Fluff n Fold, Leather and Suede, Purses and Bags, Shirts, Blouses, Pants and Shorts, Dresses, Coats, Suits, Vests, Tuxedos, Ties, Coats, Jackets, Sweaters, Handkerchiefs, Gowns, Drapes, Curtains, Comforters, Linens, Towels, Blankets, Sheets, Rugs…

You name it, We’ll clean it

For a detailed list see below!!


Dress Shirts, Polo Shirts, Silk and Linen Shirts, Tommy Bahama Shirts, T-Shirts, Printed Shirts, Tank Tops, Denim Shirts


Standard Polyester Blouse, Silk Blouse, Lined Blouse, Blouse with Lace, Beaded Blouse, Gem Stoned Blouse, Cotton Blouse, Blouse with String, Blouse with Tassels, Blouse with Print, Painted Blouse, Denim Blouse, Long and Short Blouse, Blouses with Metallic Features


Cocktail Dresses, Slip Dress, Sheath Dress, Party Dress, Flared Dress, Laced Dress, Lined Dress, Beaded Dress, Studded Dress, Layered Dress, Prom Dress, Formal Dress, Bridesmaids Dress, Wedding Dress, Childrens Dress


Ballroom Gown, Quinceanera Gown, Wedding Gown, Bridesmaids Gown, Sheath Gown, Layered Gown, Laced Gown, Trumpet Gown, Fabulous Gown, Flared Gown, Birthday Gown, Chidren’s Gown

Formal Menswear

Blazers, Ties, Bow ties, Slacks, Tuxedo’s, Tuxedo Shirts, Cuffed Dress Shirts, Coats


Comforters, Sheets, Drapes, Table Cloths, Placemats, Blankets, Table Runners, Pillows, Couch Covers, Couch Cushions, Dog Beds, Rugs


Jackets, Purses, Shirts, Blouses, Pants